The scary world of toddler movies

Kris is staying with us for a day and a night. Kris is three and very active. He does not walk but runs, he does not take a straight way from A to B, but will at least climb over two chairs, crawl under the table and pass by and almost knock over two lampstands. By the time he gets where he wanted to go he has forgotten why he went there in the first place and be waylaid by something else. Everything loose and unattended to detail is noticed by him and scrutinized: electrical wires, buttons, unattached PC cords etc. All I need to do is follow him to make a check list of 'what to fix around the house'.

I need a breather and put him (yes I know, not good), in front of a DVD. Bob the Builder. Innocent,Spud  soothing. A world in which everything is clear. Right and wrong, good and bad, friendly and unfriendly, naughty and helpful. Kris is into the film and quiet like a mouse. I am in the kitchen, Bob the Builder is not a PG after all, but I hear a terrified scream: Oma! I run and see an anxious little boy. 'I'm thcared!!' (kris has the cutest lisp) I sit down next to him to see what in the world could have scared him in this most peaceful of movies…? It turns out to be the naughty scarecrow, Spud. Trying to steal the ladder he made Bob almost fall down from the roof he was fixing. The tension this caused was unbearable for my sturdy, stamping, little kamikaze sumowrestler…

Dribbel He wants another DVD. 'It's too thcary, oma'. OK. We select another one about a little sheep, living its life on a farm. No more naughthy scarecrows. I pick up the newspaper. Before I realize it I see Kris taking out the DVD from the player. 'No I don't like monthterth'. Monsters? On the farm? I put the thing back in and we watch together. I guess even toddler DVD's are PG nowadays..Soon the monster comes by: it is the bull with a ring through his nose. Kris hides behind my back when he sees it. This boy is very sensitive! We finally resort to Dribbel. The most soothing little films about a dog and his mom and dad and toys. If you ever feel tense and have trouble relaxing, go and get yourself one of these. Wonderful.




4 gedachten over “The scary world of toddler movies

  1. jes

    Leuk geschreven, Mom! Vandaag was Kris nog even bij de gymles van Niek. Aan het einde van de les mogen de kleuters even dansen en rondrennen op de wijs van ‘voetje voetje voetje wat ga je doen’. Niek vindt het rennen het leukst en sprint de dansende ballerina’s voorbij. Kris’ schreeuwt enthousiast vanaf de tribune: ‘Ik denk dat je hebt gewonnen, Niek!!!’


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