for my worldwide family and friends

I promised to write a blog in english for all my non-dutchspeaking friends and relatives. Saskia has a new blog with 2 American/Canadian friends about fashion in the making. They report on what they are making and exchange ideas. Fun to follow them on their path of creating things of beauty out of discarded or cheap materials.

Puerto Rico seems like a dream now. One week on this tropical island was just too short! Kim and I definitely want to go back there and take some more time to investigate Utuado and Cidra, birthplace of the grandparents and enjoy the scenery and beaches. My nicest memory of the reunion is the evening we spent in the restaurant at the beach, singing all these crazy songs, scaring away all the other guests…Also the visit to the Tainogrounds was fascinating.

Some pictures of the little ones and Suzy on her birthday.



Some more PR pictures, mostly of the family. Story to be continued!



5 gedachten over “for my worldwide family and friends

  1. sassy

    ik weer. echt leuk om alles te lezen. vind je het goed als ik mijn vriendinnetjes naar je weblog verwijs. je hebt het zo mooi opgeschreven. dat kan sassy niet.


  2. margreet

    onderste rij vlnr: Brian &Lark; Kim’s broer David&Lukas; Kim’s broer Robin&Sas
    Dame in het oranje is Titia Costain, jongere zus van Chris uit Londen, een zeer vermakelijke dame!


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